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Q: Are your workers unionized?

A : Our workers are organized with United Steelworkers, Local 7625. Both our manufacturing and office staff is unionized.


Q: What is your phone number and operating hours?

A: You can call us at 1 888 468-1212 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday or email us at any time.


Q: Is it possible to order online?

A: We are not taking online orders. However, you may simply click on the product you want and send your inquiry. You should get an answer in about 24-48 hours.


Q: How long does it take for me to get the products I order?

A: Once you have placed your order and approved your artwork you can normally expect your product to ship within 2 to 3 weeks. Fairly often, orders are delivered earlier. Some orders can actually be produced in 24 hours. If it will take longer we will notify you at the time of order.


Q: How can I get my order even faster?

A: If you have a specific event and need your item sooner, please let us know the date you need the item by and we will surely help you to meet the deadline. We are very good at meeting deadlines and can sometimes make what seems impossible happen for you. You may authorize special over night or second day air or in some cases we can speed up delivery by putting on a rush on the products for an additional charge. Let us know your needs and we will let you know what it will take to speed up your order.


Q: Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?

A: Most of the time, we ship you slightly more than you ordered. On occasion, we ship slightly fewer pieces than you ordered. Printing industry trade standards allow for underages of up to 5%. If you plan to send your print order to a mailing list or need a guaranteed quantity, we recommend that you order 5% over the minimum quantity you need.


Q: Shipping Rates?

A: Shipping costs always depend on the each order, and your location. We do not charge a handling fee.


Q: Can we ask for special requests?

A: Do not hesitate to ask us for special requests and custom items.


Q: How can I send my artwork?

A: You can send it to Adobe illustrator file CS6 or less, Corel Draw X3 or lower Vector drawing, fonts converted to curves If you don’t have that type of artwork, send us what you have and our graphic team will assist you.

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